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Branimir Švabić, Senior Developer

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s UI Software Development Kit (SDK) for building mobile, web and desktop applications from a single codebase and it’s completely open-source. Development of apps is smooth, easy and quick. The language used to code in Flutter is Dart. Developers can also use platform-specific widgets to make their app have a native-developed feel to it.

What are the features of Flutter?

Hot reload –Any changes made by developers will be instantly seen in the app. This will help fix bugs within seconds as the developer will be able to see the change on the go. This feature will also help the developer experiment with new features and improvise.

Access to Native Feature –Flutter’s native code, third-party integration, and platform APIs make the developer job easy. They can access the native feature and SDK or even reuse languages like Kotlin and Swift in iOS and Android.

Minimal code –Flutter uses Dart, a combination of JIT and AOT, to enhance the function and startup time of the app and even accelerate it. This can all be done with minimal input of code.

Widgets –Flutter gives you access to a wide range of traditional widgets. It also provides you with tools to create your widget easily.

What are the Advantages of using Flutter?

  • the code changes very fast
  • the code is maintainable and refactorable
  • smooth and seamless
  • one code for two platforms
  • develop apps in less time
  • access old widgets

What are the Cons of using Flutter?

  • not that popular yet
  • the library is rich, but it is limited and much more needs to be added to it
  • the apps created using Flutter are above average size

Flutter App Builder

Flutter App Builder is a new tool that you can use for developing your own app. When you click on the ‘Go to Flutter Builder’ button it will land you to a new page where you can design your app. You can use all the features listed on the right-hand side panel to design your UI. It is very easy to add pictures and text and customize them later. Once you finish designing your app, you can then develop the app using the Dart language.

Flutter vs. React Native 

Performance –React Native is powered by a JavaScript bridge which hinders its performance, while Flutter streamlines this process by not using JavaScript. Hence, everything works faster in Flutter. Even the changes that you make in Flutter are instantly seen in the app while this takes times with React Native. (Flutter wins)

Programming Language –Flutter uses Dart as its programming language while React Native runs on JavaScript. Dart is a new programming language with lots of user-friendly features. However, it isn’t close to the popularity of JavaScript. JavaScript is widely used and is easy to adopt for developers. (React Native wins)

User Interface –The User Interface can make or break an app. Flutter offers tools where you can create your own widget that can replace native components. You can also take inspiration from the native widget as well, while React Native’s emphasis is on native components for cross-platform. Developers can choose from a host of external UI kits that is far better than Flutter. (React Native wins)

Code Structure –This is an important aspect as to whether the developer can code easily or not. Flutter enables you to code everything from a single location, and you have access to all the tools. Flutter makes it even in the Flutter - React Native race. (Flutter wins)

UI Component and Development API –While developing a cross-platform app, developers should have support from the Native component. Although React Native provides you with UI rendering and device access API, it is not enough in comparison to Flutter. Flutter offers all the basic and advanced components to developers. (Flutter wins)

As we can see, Flutter is better suited for mobile app development. Therefore, Flutter is becoming more and more popular.

Which are the Popular Apps Made with Flutter?

  • Google Ads
  • Alibaba
  • BMW
  • Tencent
  • Reflectly
  • Birch Finance
  • Hamilton Musical
  • Berlin Transportation System (presented in WeAreDevelopers Congress) and many others

Flutter is a great option if you looking to develop a mobile app in a fast and easy way, with minimal code writing. It develops cross-platform, high-performance apps, and it is easy to use and develop apps using Flutter.

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