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Focus on Real Business Values in Software Development

Matija Pavelić, Director of strategy and development

Software development is a rather complex process. It is a process that creates a computer source code using a specific programming language. Usually, we combine several programming languages. The primary goal of this process is to develop software that addresses a unique business or personal objective of a customer.

In this text, I will not be describing the software development process further. Because the process is not as simple as it was described. It comprises several steps or stages with different roles and stakeholders, from initial research, data flow design, flow charts, process flow design, technical documentation, debugging, software testing, and other software architecture techniques. This text will focus on real business values in software development.

For many years, the cost of software development was the primary focus. However, in the rest of the company, maximizing profit or maximizing available funds provides a clear focus with metrics to determine success or failure. In today’s digital transformation marketplace and in this highly computerized world, executive managers and C-level managers need to expect the highest level of business value from the software the organization is developing, buying, or selling. Nowadays, it is imperative that organizations start driving business value from software development initiatives. No matter which industry you are in, it is important to have a strong partner in software development companies that ensure profitability, productivity, and the fastest time to market. It is important for enterprises to solve the pain points of customers and raise their ROI to overrun the competition.

Reduction in Time to Market (TTM)

Time to Market (TTM) is defined as the duration needed to bring a product to market, from envisioning an idea, through the whole design cycle, development, to the launch on the market. The more streamlined and effective the software development process is, the better the prediction.

Time to market (TTM) is critical for businesses in this highly competitive global business environment, it boosts margin revenue, provides higher market shares, and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Delaying TTM gives your competition a chance to pull ahead and take a larger piece of the market. Just like the famous ABBA song says, “The winner takes it all “.

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for enterprise software is the sum of all direct and indirect costs related to that software. TCO is an important part of the ROI calculation, yet it is too often ignored or underestimated.

It is not easy to calculate the TCO. The main reason is that there is a bunch of direct and indirect costs, but also that there are some hidden costs. In general, costs can be divided into three main categories: installation costs, operational costs, and retirement costs. Installation costs are costs related to getting new software in production; this includes software, hardware, the related license, implementation, data migration, training, customization, external system interface costs. Operational costs are costs related to the time when the software is in production; this includes software maintenance and support, upgrades, user, and admin support, disaster recovery and high availability, infrastructure, depreciation. Lastly, retirement costs are costs related to retiring software, which includes data export, system archive, and inactive licenses.

Boost Productivity

Productivity can be described as the efficiency measure of a person completing a task successfully. No matter if the task is related to software development or to internal or external user experience in production software – the focus is on getting important things done.

Increase Quality

Quality is important because it primarily affects customers or users, and therefore a larger part of the company's business. If this quality requirement is not met, your customers will abandon the product, or the user will not meet the defined productivity level.

How Can Serengeti Help You Focus on Business Values?

To help you address all the things described above, we can offer you an in-house developed Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform.

Our platform is a cloud native rapid application development platform with predefined boilerplate modules that can be used for modernizing existing applications and for accelerated development of new applications. It is built on proven open-source technologies and software development practices to produce and maintain quality software applications and products. It is a platform with prebuilt infrastructure components and modules which help developers focus on solving business problems.

Some of the key benefits of this rapid application development platform are:

  • Better quality. High-level collaboration is the reason why software can be more usable and more focused on business problems that are important to end users.
  • Quick iterations that speed up delivery.
  • Increased reusability of components.
  • More projects completed on time and within budget. By developing incremental units, the chances for bigger failures are reduced to a minimum.
  • Flexibility. With rapid application development, developers can more easily make the required adjustments during the development phase.

To further help you with software development, we can also offer you access to an experienced developer pool:

After working on 300+ successful projects, our developers gained experience in several different software development fields:

  • DevOps (infrastructure and process setup)
  • Business Analysis
  • UI/UX Consulting
  • Architecture consulting
  • Agile development
  • Quality Assurance

Having them work on a project does not mean pure coding – it includes sharing the best practices that have been proven on different successful projects.

If you need some help with software development feel free to reach us, we will be glad to help you create amazing software. 

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