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In-house Software Solutions as a Competitive Advantage for Smart Industry


The integration of industrial manufacturing and IT development has never been stronger: information technology and operational technology are merging, with software becoming an indispensable factor for success. While machines and hardware remain essential, there is a growing demand for solutions based on advanced software technologies.

The Integration of Industrial Manufacturing and IT Development

The first rule with technologies is to understand them, and the second rule is knowing when and how to apply them. This is where software development consulting companies come into play. Software engineers are those who have to leverage cloud technologies, automated testing, virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, micro services, or it in order to create a Smart factory ecosystem.

The Crucial Role of Software in the Smart Industry

Among our project portfolio, one example that stands out in support of the Smart Industry is a project related to developing software that manages an entire production facility for a company engaged in textile production and supply services, from raw materials to finished products, storage, and logistics. The software coordinates the automated processing of fabric according to all processing parameters like color mixing, drying dynamics and temperature, together with all other parameters depending on the desired final product. This particular client is engaged in textiles with specific characteristics, such as fabrics used for fire and moisture protection, as well as those used in furniture production.

Ensuring Quality and Safety: Software Development in the Healthcare Industry

Another example comes from the production of medical devices, where the highest quality standards are set, and all solutions undergo rigorous quality checks. In the production of medical devices, including software as part of the final product, errors can have health consequences, which is why software development for the healthcare industry involves extremely rigorous testing. This entails over 18,000 automated tests daily, as well as several hundred manual tests involving the hardware component. Thanks to technology, some manual testing is optimized by selecting the hardware to be tested via software.

Enhancing Efficiency in Robot Programming for Manufacturing

For a client that manufactures welding robots for the manufacturing industry, a process of robot programming was optimized thanks to the software which enables the graphical arrangement of welding logic and automatically generates documents that provide instructions to the robots. This significantly accelerated the robot management process, almost entirely eliminating manual programming. In collaboration with Serengeti, this solution was produced within nine months, giving the client a significant competitive advantage. Additionally, for the same client was developed a software solution that enables 24/7 automated testing of any welding solution.

As we can see from these examples, whether it's textile production, medical equipment, welding robots or something entirely different, every industry today can become smart with the right strategy, well-established development processes and adequate technology.

Overcoming Digital Transformation Challenges Through Expert Partnerships

As Ivan Milas, co-owner and member of the Management Board for Sales at Serengeti, said:

"The challenges of digital transformation are inevitable as every healthy company grows. Whether they are ready or not, they must find a way to keep up with technological trends if they want to succeed. However, sometimes companies need a rapid change or an improvement in their business model, and they lack internal resources to quickly create a new solution. They may also lack specific technical knowledge or have unavailable internal resources. Such companies can seek the assistance of expert partners for the technological solution and software development. Serengeti is here to help companies become more competitive."

The Smart Industry is the future, and software plays an increasingly significant role. In today's digital age, companies that recognize the importance of software innovation and the need to partner with experienced software development companies are well on their way to succeeding in a competitive Smart industry.

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