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The Way To Digital Competitiveness In Hospitality: Innovative Solutions With The Help Of Serengeti


With the purpose of providing guests with easy access to all necessary information regarding accommodation, activities, and events during their stay, while having in mind the main aim - to create the best guest experience, the hotel chain, a well-known name in the hospitality industry, has chosen Serengeti as a partner. The client is a large company with a substantial presence in hospitality for the last six decades and has an extensive portfolio of seven different brands with 9 387 accommodation units across their hotels and resorts, as well as an additional 11 651 units in their camping resorts. Each brand has a unique identity and caters to a specific market segment, making the client's ecosystem complex operating through many different systems, applications, and software.

Enhanced Guest Experience: The Room Registry Project

Projects involving Serengeti's team of experienced software developers have led to an enhanced guest experience and optimized business performance. After our first successful cooperation on the Room Registry project, we continued to partner on new projects developing modern digital solutions. For these projects, we provided a team of experienced software development engineers, offering the necessary support to implement innovative solutions. Digitalization has resulted in an improved guest experience, greater digital competitiveness of their services, and increased employee satisfaction. The combination of our expertise and the client's clearly defined business objectives proved to be the key to a successful partnership.

Integration and Data Accuracy

Our experienced team is also engaged in improving the integration of all hotel chain's systems to obtain more accurate data on all guests and all potential guests who have contacted them through any channel at any time. The goal of such a solution is to improve business and provide better service to all potential guests, as well as to those who already have been guests. This season, the hotel chain will provide personalized activity suggestions, and other offers like offers of nearby food and drink establishments, as well as recommendations for visiting local sights. From a business perspective, advanced analytical tools have also been implemented, enabling the client to better understand the needs and demands of guests and subsequently identify opportunities for further digital competitiveness.

Optimized Efficiency and Business Performance

Digitalization projects are dedicated to creating a unique guest experience. As a leader in the hospitality industry, our client continues to work towards providing the best possible guest experience and unique services. The purpose is to give guests everything required for a pleasant stay, but also to optimize business efficiency. For example, they introduced a solution that eliminated waiting in line at reception. Thanks to online check-in and check-out, the problem caused by the coronavirus pandemic was solved. There are also solutions that improve guest safety, a system for cleaning rooms and mobile homes, as well as a solution for online grocery shopping. These new solutions enabled the hotel chain to keep track of all room-related information, from descriptions and capacities to photographs, in one place. And from a business perspective, everyday operations are optimized, processes are improved, and data management is better and, therefore, financial results are better.

Partnering for Digital Competitiveness

If you are looking for a proven software development partner that is familiar with hospitality industry trends, feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to discuss how we can support you on your way to digital competitiveness.

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