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What does New Technologies mean in Outsourcing Software Development


What do Western European companies want out of software development partners?

A few weeks ago, we found some research on the top five reasons that Western European companies use outsourced software development, so we’re working our way through a look at each topic, from cost efficiency to flexibility to quality of service. Those were the first three factors. Pretty logical, right? Well, now the fourth factor by percentage vote on the survey is “new technologies.” Let’s look at that for a second.

What does “new technologies” mean within software development?

Logically, the name says it all -- but there’s a little bit of nuance here. When a client is looking for an outsourced software development partner, they want that “flexibility” as mentioned above. That means the software development team can change between projects and work within different specs, backlogs, road maps, and technologies. The “flexibility” aspect is tied to the “new technologies” aspect. If you come to a software development partner and have a cloud project, but over time it morphs into a different project -- or the business demands that you pursue a different project -- you need that outsourced software development partner to be expert-level in whatever technology can drive your revenue to the next tier. That’s a big reason people even outsource in the first place: they are busy internally or have too many competing priorities, and they are looking for expertise to drive new revenue streams for them.

What about the next wave of new technologies for software development?

It’s coming. We actually did some articles at the end of 2019 on software development trends in different industries -- here is the one about banking and finance, for example -- but a lot of those articles are even becoming outdated because of COVID-19. COVID will change some of the tech landscape in terms of streaming video tech being more important (if colleagues are not immediately sitting near each other, etc.). Globally, you’re also seeing very old tech -- and hardly responsive or mobile tech -- powering a lot of unemployment and benefit systems. That’s going to be a big shift as well. There will always be new technologies for software developers to experiment with and optimize because technology constantly moves forward.

You need to absolutely start with expertise. A software development partner needs expertise. Without expertise, it will be hard for you to achieve your goals, find cost efficiency, flexibly move between projects, etc.

What does all that mean for you? How can you find this team, this outsourced partner, that has expertise? You need to pick the right software development outsourcing partner. You need flexibility, expertise in technologies, ability to grow into new technologies, cost efficiency, a high quality of delivery, and more. You don’t only need it, but you deserve it -- this is your business we’re talking about!

One place to start is this checklist of ways to evaluate software development outsourcing partners. If you have any questions, reach out!

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