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6 years in Serengeti; a developers experience

Mario Škrlec, Developer

I've spent a little over 6 years at Serengeti, so you could say I'm a part of 'the old team' who has experienced many of Serengeti's 'adventures'. So now, when I'm pouring my mind out on paper and remembering the different chapters of our adventure, I'm happy to say that most of the chapters make me smile. I'm proud of what has been written in our story so far – partly by myself, but even more by all the wonderful people that I've had the pleasure to cooperate, evolve and spend my time with.

I joined Serengeti as an intern with barely any experience. Now that I look at both Serengeti's and my own personal development over time, I see that we have learned and developed together. Development (both in the business and the personal sense) is, of course, a never-ending process with little goals set along the way that serve as foundations for a better future. No matter how good we are at anything at the present moment, we can always learn a thing or two and improve further. In many ways, the company endorses our personal growth, as well as its own growth as a unit where we are all tiny parts working together.

As time went by, the company started breaking into the market. So, we got better and longer projects, our employee count went up to about 20, and it was time to switch offices. We moved next door, taking up the ground floor and a significant part of the first floor.

At the same time (with only a year's worth of experience and because of the ever-growing number of projects), I got the chance to take over a small-scale domestic project, related to developing a (hybrid) mobile application. The project was very challenging, but I gained valuable experience – from learning and mastering various technologies, managing a small team, to communication with clients and other challenges brought about by the project. This experience shaped me in so many ways – it armed me with the experience I would need for all future challenges.

After this lovely and useful ‘domestic’ period, it was time for me to step into international waters. It has now been 4 years that I have been cooperating with KNAPP. A few months ago, we held a presentation about KNAPP at our monthly meeting in order to spread our domain knowledge within the company and share experiences about working on international projects.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues who have contributed to improving the company on any level, and turning our workplace into a second home. It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to work and grow in such an environment.

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