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How Developers Can Change Jobs Without All the Administration

M.R., Senior Software Developer

It is recommended to change jobs every couple of years. According to an article on LinkedIn, you should change jobs every three to four years, but this doesn’t have to mean changing your employer.

By changing jobs, you can gain valuable experience and see how the job gets done elsewhere. Apart from developing their expertise and professional skills, this allows people to upgrade their social skills, meet new people, gain new friends, etc.

Your new company will not always be better than the previous one – but in the end, this doesn’t really matter. You know what they say – you need to experience the bad stuff first in order to be able to appreciate a good thing when you see one. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to make things better because you brought good experience from your previous company. Sometimes you can pull this off and sometimes you can’t – after all, habits are hard to break even if they are bad.

Paperwork involved

Switching companies involves a lot of paperwork. Apart from all the administration, it takes time because you have to go looking for a new job, apply for it or ask your friends to recommend you.

But what if there is another way to perform a ‘soft switch’ without going through these complex processes?

What if you work for a software development outsourcing company?

You get opportunities to work on different projects for different clients in different business domains. The client portfolio is rich both on the vertical and on the horizontal side. There is a bunch of projects that you can pick and choose according to the industry, technology, client location, culture, team size, and many other parameters. Apart from projects for domestic clients, you can even get to work for foreign clients and get the chance to work in foreign countries, which means travelling from time to time.

Every once in a while you get to make a ‘soft switch’ and experience new things. You get the chance to meet new people, work in different technologies, as well as experience different ways of working and methodologies used. And all this can be both good and bad. It mostly depends on you as an individual.

However, you must possess one important characteristic – you need to be able to bend without breaking. When you start working for a new client, you get adopted as one of their own. In this regard, it’s similar to changing a company. In the end, all of you are working and breathing together as one team. You are sharing the same joy and the same pain, and you fall and rise together.

Nowadays, job turnover became the norm, a fact which is evident when looking at younger generations. In some industries, employers tolerate frequent job changes. And in some industries, the standard varies, for example, people are changing jobs often to remain relevant. Anyhow, there should be consistency – but when you’re working for a software development outsourcing company, you can change your job more frequently without leaving the parent company and having to go through all the administration, while still developing in both a professional and social manner.

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