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Nataša Zec - a journey from a corporation to a company that values emotions


How to more closely describe Nataša Zec, one of Serengeti's key people? Well, let’s start from the beginning!

Largely responsible for the establishment of the legal department, the adoption of procedures, standards, and good practices, our Nataša is a versatile and communicative woman who successfully balances her personal and professional life.

First employment at the head of a company

Nataša Zec started her education in Rijeka, where she graduated at the Faculty of Law. During her studies, she didn’t only study Roman law, but was seriously committed to gaining experience and building a career. She was at the head of a small emerging company, where she plunged into the profession of an attorney. Half a year later, she realized that it wasn’t for her, she says. By coincidence, at the same time, she received the opportunity to work in a large, stable corporation.

New year, new position

Time passes quickly as you gain experience, so Nataša spent six years in the corporation before she felt it was time for a change. In search of new challenges and, above all, a warmer atmosphere of a smaller company that appreciated and valued the feelings of its employees, she started a new job at Serengeti at the beginning of 2017. And she says she did not make a mistake!

She establishes standards, starts companies...

As a Legal Advisor, Nataša launched a number of positive changes. She formed Serengeti's legal department, introduced a number of high-quality business practices, established and upgraded the procedures and, no less important, she introduced the ISO 9001 and 27001 standards. However, we are probably the proudest of her latest achievement.
As the Director of General and Operative Affairs, she officially marked a turning point and the beginning of further expansion of our business operations by founding the company Serengeti B.V. in the Netherlands. In March 2018, Nataša Zec transferred to a new position in Serengeti, that of a COO, and immediately proved her abilities. This was, truth be told, not surprising - given the wonderfully managed projects and the great key potentials that she will continue to develop in Serengeti. We are looking forward to it!

Recognition comes from colleagues as well

Proactivity, entrepreneurship, potential and great experience are usually accompanied by numerous certifications confirming this. Our Nataša is no exception. She holds a few of them, and her favorite certificate, she proudly points out, is that of ISO QUEEN. She was "certified" by her dear colleagues, in one of a series of monthly meetings after successful ISO certification.

We could go on and on about Nataša Zec, but we will finish up with a few more qualities which delight us every day. Despite all her duties, she is still versatile and always ready for the company's internal activities. She runs, plays badminton, bowls and successfully balances a successful career and motherhood. So when you see her next time, shake her hand. She deserves it!

Let's do business

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