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Should We Invest in the Wellbeing of Employees?


Many companies care about the physical health of their employees, so they provide ergonomic chairs, partial or full coverage regular medical check-ups, gym facilities, or gym discounts – but how many companies care about the mental health of their employees?

Modern lifestyle can be quite stressful, and employee burnout often leads to sick leave which causes direct costs for the business. However, some things cost the business even more in the long run – like undermined team relationships and wobbly relationships with clients. In companies where the employees feel valued and trusted, engagement leads to high performance and healthy teams as well as satisfied and happy clients.


In 2019 we decided to organize an internal “Burnout” workshop where we presented some relaxation techniques that can easily be practiced at work. This workshop was extremely well accepted by our employees and we received a massive amount of great feedback. During our regular employee satisfaction survey, many employees left a comment saying that we should hold more similar workshops, as it helped them deal with stress – not just at work, but in their private lives, as well.

After everything that has happened in 2020, we have chosen to approach this matter even more seriously by organizing another internal workshop that dives even deeper in the subject of wellbeing.

This workshop is created based on one of the most popular psychology courses at Yale University – The Science of Wellbeing. After attending the course, we have realized the importance of the presented research, as well as how mistaken we can be, and what a big role this type of knowledge can play in our lives. 


One of the greatest mistakes we all do at least from time to time is comparing ourselves to others.

So, imagine you have to choose between these 2 options:

1. You get paid $50.000 a year, and your friends and colleagues are all on average paid $25.000 a year. So, you earn twice as your friends when compared to your friends and colleagues.

2. You get paid $100.000 a year, but this time, your friends and colleagues are on average paid $200.000, which is double in comparison to you.

What option would you choose? 

This is where we come in with our workshop, and we explain the question above in more detail.

What makes us happy and how can we be happier? Should you buy a new car, some new clothes, or maybe a new house that's bigger than your friend's? Should you ask for more money or go to the gym and finally get that perfect body? How sad will you be if you don't get to have the one thing you wanted so much?

Wellbeing is probably the most important thing in our lives and this lecture can tell us how to be happier, live more fulfilling lives, and finally, how to be more productive. It seems as though our minds keep wanting the wrong things, and we trick ourselves into thinking we'll be happier with new things, another job and more money. The truth is completely different, but to be able to truly change our habits, we have to learn and practice. 

Our workshop includes a set of questionnaires, highlights some of the biggest mistakes our mind makes when thinking about happiness, and tells us about how we can control those wrong instincts and what can make us happy. All the findings are supported by highly-valued research. We are looking forward to sharing this knowledge with our colleagues, and we hope it will change everyone's perspective on happiness and also lead to even bigger satisfaction at the workplace, cause more engagement, happy teams, and clients.

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