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MPSI | DevOps principles for accelerated business growth

To reach new demanding markets Mercury Processing Services International (MPSI) must, not only deliver additional functionalities in the planned timeframe but also significantly increase the throughput, security, and reliability of each internal process.
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The Brief

Mercury Processing Services International (in the text; MPSI) is established in 2009. Today, MPSI is a part of the international group NETS as an important financial transaction processor and provider of cutting-edge services and solutions for banking institutions.

MPSI is an international company in every sense of the word. The international character is reflected in the clients, employees, and locations in which it operates, taking every effort to provide its customers with services and solutions that meet client’s specific needs, local specificities, cultural specificities, and regional complexities.

The growing team includes more than 500 professionals, whose knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm help to deliver quality service and brings value to clients.

MPSI uses a wide range of technology when developing its services and, as an enterprise organization it systemizes departments to maximize the efficiency of the system itself.

Software development is organized in following departments: architecture, development, build management, application management, testing, data warehouse, etc.

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To reach new demanding markets MPSI must, not only deliver additional functionalities in the planned timeframe but also significantly increase the throughput, security, and reliability of each internal process.

Therefore, the MPSI recognized spaces for improvement:

  • The efficiency of financial processing in every possible way (enhancement, caching, parallelization, …)
  • The business process has to be automated at every possible step
  • The parallelization of the entire distributed solution had to be achieved by automatic instantiation
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Anonymization of data

In order to accelerate and improve the overall internal development process, Serengeti has been hired to significantly expand the existing development team, implement DevOps principles and expand the client's testing team. The goal is to implement and increase the degree of automation of the core application development cycle and the development of event-driven systems for developers support.


Serengeti participates in the implementation of DevOps principles in the following areas:

  • Built CI/CD pipeline of distributed system using Microsoft TFS and/or Jenkins
  • 'zero downtime' production upgrade of core application
  • deployment destination-dependent config transformations implementation
  • encryption of sensitive parts of configuration files
  • versioning the master database, tracking model changes and data in the database, and automating the rollback of models and data in the database
  • automated setup and unattended installation of a new instance of a distributed application on a set of servers with a clean OS (one click)
  • event-driven integration of high-level Business planning and estimation on one side, operational monitoring on the other, and Developer workflow on the third side of the client application triangle. Tasks are automatically propagated, synchronized and closed using the Web API and REST interfaces of several applications used

Encouraged by the opportunity to capture a large part of the European market, MPSI decided to rely on Serengeti which grow into reliable partner and improved existing software solutions, raised the level of automation and made a significant contribution for goal achievement.

An additional, at the beginning unexpected, contribution was also achieved through the stabilization of existing teams through teamwork, proactive and assertive approach, supported by transparent and joint mastering of project phases.

The set of the chosen expertise and abilities of the engaged engineers together with the approach cultivated in the Serengeti, permanently ensures a quality, long-term, partnership with the client.

The MPSI's decision to expand its teams with Serengeti Team Extension Model and Serengeti experts has enabled it to realize its plans, expand into new highly demanding markets and grow its business.

Very successful collaboration from the start and a proactive, consulting approach by the Serengeti engineers has enabled the expansion of collaboration in the .NET development, automated testing, application management, and business analysis. After the initial collaboration, in a Team Extension Model where Serengeti works on the development of existing applications and implementation of DevOps and gained the trust as well as get acquainted with the specifics of user requirements and expectations, the cooperation extended to fixed-price projects where Serengeti takes care for the development of new applications.

Top Benefits for the Client

Serengeti has proven to be a stable, reliable and scalable partner from the beginning. In a short tie of collaboration, they have established themselves as one of our key software development partners.
Branimir Liker
Mercury Processing Services International, Head of Application Architecture
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