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We are fortunate and exciting to work with most successful companies in the world. Our customers are market leaders with ambitious growth plans and targets.

Such companies are concerned will their partner be able to provide required scalability without compromising engineering quality and expertise. Serengeti has development centres in three cities in Croatia and in all of them we have one of the best employer brand.

In our business it is crucial because it allows us to meet scalability demands of most demanding customers. Around 80% of Serengeti employees are software engineers and more than 90% of employees have engineering background. 

More than 60% of new engineers we hire through recommendations of our current employees and that is how we get access to great and reliable talent with little effort. Other less than 40% of engineers we hire through very strict and demanding selection and evaluation process where less than 15% of engineers that apply actually get offer for the job.

Over the last few years we were able to increase number of engineers for around unbelievable 80% annually. This shows our employment attractiveness and hiring capacity. Not only that we cooperate with top technical universities in Croatia, we participate in creation and delivery of their most important curriculum like: clean code and design patterns. 

This thing we consider basic skills and we want to hire people that are prepared to follow best practices in software engineering. 

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