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Catch us if you can: Serengeti's Live meetup at Think Innovative Hub

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

This Thursday May 5th, Serengeti's first live meetup will take place.

It will be held in Niš, Serbia's third largest city. We will be at great looking conference center, the Think Innovative Hub, so if you are in the vicinity, catch us while you can!

The purpose of our live event is to enable our developers and engineers to share their passion and knowledge with others interested in the programming field.

Our event will kick off with Ivanka Vranješ, our director of software development for government and hospitality services. She will briefly talk about our company, core values and introduce our guest speaker Boško Savić, senior software engineer in Python. The focus of Serengeti’s first live event will be on Machine Learning in the Python world.

Boško Savić is currently working on a project with our client to create a Site Integrator platform. Before joining the Serengeti team, he has had extensive software development and data science experience in the United States working for companies such as EyeSee Research and Ekinon Corp. In addition to this, he worked on developing the FC, ET, sentiment models as well as the time series forecasting i.e., MaxDiff, Basket Analysis and TURF software applications.

In his presentation named „Machine learning in the Python world”, Boško will talk about his experience working in the field of machine learning and will mainly discuss Facial expression recognition, eye tracking and other machine learning applications. He will also go over the fundamental steps in programming machine learning in Python and the different field of machine learning.

After the interactive lecture, all participants will have the chance to socialize and help themselves to some drinks, finger food and appetizers!

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