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# Tag: Machine Learning

Machine Learning meets GDPR

Machine Learning algorithms are based on large amounts of data that need to be processed for the algorithm to learn. GDPR requires companies to comply with regulations that will secure consumer data. But questions have been raised about how this regulation will address automation in analytics as the AI and machine learning market grows. GDPR outlines six data protection principles, and according to Norwegian Data Protection Authority, AI is facing four of them.
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3 Things to Consider Before Implementing Machine Learning

There are many reasons why companies integrate Machine Learning into their fundamental activities. But before you decide to transform your business with Machine Learning, you should take a couple of things into consideration to check whether your company is ready for new technology adoption.
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The Importance of Data in Machine Learning

Data is everything with a little bit of modeling on the side. So, let’s focus on a couple of key points of what kind of data is important, how much data you need, and how you can handle all this data.
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The Disruptive Technology of AI in Retail [WEBINAR]

Artificial Intelligence can help retail companies stay on top of the industry. This is what we discussed in our 30-minute webinar that you can find here.
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Tire Recognition meets Machine learning v.2: Step by step approach – Frank’s case [PART 2]

While in first part about Frank’s case we explained what the problem was, modus operandi and taken steps, here we are going to describe approach conducted and what was the final output and business benefits.
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Tire recognition meets Machine Learning v.1: Things to consider and modus operandi

Frank’s tire catalogue included 80 tire manufacturers and over 20 000 unique tire models, with 5digit number of tires moving daily. Aside from the risk of human error during sorting upon arrival, there was a risk of human error when sorting prior to shipping out.
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Without a DevOps and Machine Learning, you will fall behind in Industry 4.0

It’s very important for revenue growth to use these technologies, especially because the global business environment is going to be uncertain for a while because of COVID-19. We do not know what consumer spending will look like or how it will bounce back in every industry. You need to maximize the advantages that you have.
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Using Q-Learning for Pathfinding

Introduction Reinforcement learning is a part of machine learning that deals with finding the best action to take in a given situation. Unlike supervised learning where the training data is already classified, in reinforcement learning agent does not know if the actions it is about to take are correct or not. Agent must take the action and observe its consequences […]
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