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Happy 15th Birthday To Us!

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

Birthday is always a special day in an individual's life. But also, it's a special day for a company which celebrated a jubilee anniversary, and Serengeti's 15th birthday for sure is such occasion! Our birthday party was held in an elegant Vetro Bar & Bites in Zagreb last Friday, the 8th of July.

This party was a great chance for all of our employees, from our offices in Zagreb, Bjelovar, Varaždin and Kragujevac, to catch up once again for a great team-building. Once again, our colleagues proved as great at parties as they are at work!

Except for partying and working, our employees proved themselves as great colleagues. We'll tell you about something that instantly became a memorable event in our company's mythos, an affair of a kind. Conversely, it could be a cautionary tale for everybody else. One of our dear employees was crossing a state border with a homemade rakija for a few colleagues - with a bottle or two above the permissible quantity of rakija. The result was a substantial fine. As it is expected from a company like ours that values team spirit maybe above everything else, many employees consolidated our ranks and organized fundraising of a kind. In a matter of a few hours, everything was financially covered. Money-containing envelope was presented to the unfortunate-turned-delighted employee at a birthday party, and everything went down the liquor drain to the Serengeti's anecdotes books. The moral of the story is – that it is crucial to building a company of friends, not only coworkers.

After this sympathetic event, which shaped the direction of our birthday party, everything went as smoothly as it got. Food, drinks, cake, live band, splendid dance moves, and Viking kings. Our birthday party had it all!

Before we end, allow us to reminiscence on this 15-year-old long odyssey.

Back then, in 2007, something started as an idea of our CEO Goran. Fast forward to 2022, that idea evolved into a successful company in which numerous people left their mark, laughed, cried, and bonded together. Many people worked hard, partied hard, and created great memories such as the aforementioned through these 15 years. And that is what Serengeti is made from.

We know – it always sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth: we could not succeed in reaching this milestone without our fantastic teams of people, so the biggest shout-out goes to all our current and former employees.

Besides that, these 15 years are a perfect example of the longevity and trustworthiness of a company. Without this well-recognized reliability in an industry like IT, there is no success. That's why we became, and still are, a trusted company to many of our clients and partners through the years. Thanks to our employees, clients, and partners, we became one of the best-known Croatian software development companies.

Cheers to that!

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