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Progressive Modernization [WHITEPAPER]


Questions to ask ourselves here is why modernization of applications is vital for our business and, how modernization will fit within our organization. We need to know which way the wind is blowing prior to making a decision. Which in most cases suits an old saying „Shape up or ship out “. Both large and small organizations turned to deconstructing of their software stacks and to improving efficiency of the API's.

Also, ask yourself:

Does your enterprise technology represent an obstacle to the much-needed agility in today's business environment?

Do you find your cornerstone application to be outdated?

If your answers are YES, download our whitepaper Progressive Modernization in which you will find out:

Why is it a good idea to switch to microservices?

Why shouldn’t you move to microservices?

Different strategies to transforming a monolithic application into microservices

Short look at our client cases

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