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The Intersection of DevOps and Security: Best Practices for a Secure SDLC

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, it has become essential to seamlessly integrate development, operations and security, commonly known as DevSecOps. This blog explores the key practices and strategies essential for weaving security seamlessly into the DevOps culture, enhancing the security of software development life cycles (SDLC) without compromising the speed and efficiency that DevOps is known for.
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Jenkins Pipelines, or Five Instructions Yielding Utility

When we started the internal project that will be announced soon, there were many decisions we had to make regarding architecture, infrastructure, and development processes. Naturally, we pooled our knowledge and experience together, taking what worked best for us in the past and balancing it with the industry's contemporary best practices. One such decision was to use […]
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Introduction to OpenShift and Jenkins DevOps - PART ONE

From a developer’s perspective, the process of software development is not simple. We create applications, complex systems, algorithms, modules, services, etc. – and in most cases, we initially start with a local environment (our PCs). But, when a certain version (a part or an increment) of software is finished, things are far from over...
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Without a DevOps and Machine Learning, you will fall behind in Industry 4.0

It’s very important for revenue growth to use these technologies, especially because the global business environment is going to be uncertain for a while because of COVID-19. We do not know what consumer spending will look like or how it will bounce back in every industry. You need to maximize the advantages that you have.
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