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Without a DevOps and Machine Learning, you will fall behind in Industry 4.0


Development comes first.

That is a primary philosophy of DevOps, which allows for faster time-to-market through more frequent software releases that help boost both customer experience and satisfaction. You optimize speed and efficiency across all IT functions and tasks, and in the end, you get happier customers. That’s why we root our client approach in DevOps.

Now, in the last couple of weeks, we have been talking about product recognition and where AI and machine learning are helping businesses now. We’ve done that in the context of RedAI, a partner of ours. The app is an AI-driven neural network, essentially. A salesperson for a consumer goods brand can go to a store (POS) and scan the shelves (take photos), and RedAI will provide tremendous amounts of revenue intelligence. You can see your position on shelves, learn about competitors, and know how to make more money at the margin.

It’s very important for revenue growth to use these technologies, especially because the global business environment is going to be uncertain for a while because of COVID-19. We do not know what consumer spending will look like or how it will bounce back in every industry. You need to maximize the advantages that you have.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase of the Industrial Revolution that makes factories “smarter” and focuses on data, interconnected devices, automation, machine learning, and more. Basically, if you work in Industrial Manufacturing right now, as one example, your competitive advantage will be around technology and the delivery of real-time data, and then you’re going to turn that real-time data into better decision-making.

One of the ways we commonly frame this up is a transition to microservices architecture, which allows for a lot more freedom in development and deployment. Microservices is not easy, although if you work with experts at it (us!), it is more manageable. Microservices is also a good example of how development comes first. Your idea comes to fruition through the right mix of tech, software, data, and decision-making. That’s how your idea grows into new revenue streams.

Many companies these days are claiming to be “data-driven,” but sometimes that means they have legacy Microsoft Excel files and they update them sometimes. To be actually “data-driven,” you need to embrace cloud, then you need everything to be connected through deep learning and AI. You need to get real-time coming in, and that real-time data leads to shifts in thinking about product, launches, marketing, sales approaches, and more.

Development comes first.

And if the development is done right and the pieces are connected properly, the rest of your company is easier to manage. Product knows where to focus energy and attention. Marketing knows what campaigns should be rolled out. Sales know how to hook someone for a sale based on what the software can provide.

In all these situations, development comes first. You need the most elite developers you can find, and you can’t afford to make the wrong decisions on hiring or outsourcing. You need the best developers.

You deserve the best developers.

How do you find them, though?

We have a checklist of factors you need to consider.

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