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A Guide to the Great, Unusual Team Building

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

Every chance to build teamwork and empower a greater degree of team spirit is a chance to score from the employer's perspective.

It is especially true if you are working within the IT industry through various teams of people or projects. Also, as social beings, humans strive for sincere and quality interpersonal contact. Sometimes, money can be the main reason for job-hopping. Still, on many other occasions, your team and colleagues will prevail, as you have a great atmosphere and communication at work.

Our work & life balance, team spirit, and interpersonal relationships are extensively lauded benefits of our company, among others. Still, they are sometimes hard to accomplish and keep on a high level.

We are doing it through a multitude of gatherings, informal meetups, and team buildings, and our last team building was something. This was not an ordinary team building, for every employee of the Serengeti – this was a team building exclusively organized for two of our internal clubs. They consist of people going the extra mile to spread the word about our little Savannah.

We are proud to say we have colleagues enlisted as Geti Bloggers and Geti Ambassadors.

Thanks to the Bloggers - their will for writing and extensive expertise regarding many of the technical, business, or soft skills, we have published multiple blogs through which we acquired some of our clients. And some of those clients, perhaps came to our page when they saw social media posts from our Ambassadors who function as, let's say, our internal team of influencers. And good ones.

Last Friday, October the 7th, we organized very sympathetic teambuilding for our Bloggers and Ambassadors in a relatively new amusement park in Zagreb – Marsupia.

Before we engaged in any activities, we held an appropriate presentation about Bloggers and Ambassadors, about their activities in the actual year and awarded the most prominent in our ranks.

The first activity we jumped through was trampolines. As you can imagine, when more than 20 people suddenly started jumping, with funny falling included, tons of laughter ensued. Some of us tried athletic polygons while crossing obstacles, others slam dunked on baskets, and some were just casually walking on a tightrope.

After a short break, we moved on to a slightly less physically demanding activity, the VR park. Virtual reality really is something, especially if you have a capsule with sensors and motions that make you feel like you are on a dangerous rollercoaster, which was a dizzying and captivating experience. There were also some other VR sets and everybody could try on something different.

And, for the last activity, we picked on a laser tag battle! We divided into two separate teams and battled for points in this no-harm gun battle, which was very exciting. As it was throughout the whole teambuilding, laughter was constantly present and some new internal jokes, as new memories, were instantly created.

Finally – beer and burger combo! Because what would the IT company team building be without the two of these? We hope that we created positive jealousy and that our Bloggers and Ambassadors clubs will be upgraded with new talents – from our current ranks, but also from our colleagues which we are yet to meet in the future!

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