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Serengeti at JavaCro and HROUG: Where technology and knowledge sharing go hand in hand

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specilist

The island of Sv. Andrija, situated near the captivating city of Rovinj, recently played host to two of Croatia's leading tech events—JavaCro and HROUG conferences, organized by Croatia Java Users Association (HUJAK) and Croatia Oracle Users Association (HROUG), respectively. These conferences are a focal point for Java and Oracle developers, bringing together keynote speakers, experts, enthusiasts, and students to share knowledge, experience, and innovations in the Java and Oracle ecosystems. You can find more about JavaCro and HROUG on their respective websites.

Serengeti at JavaCro

At Serengeti, we are thrilled to say that we were sponsors for yet another edition of the JavaCro conference. This was more than an opportunity to showcase our technological expertise; it was a platform for us to contribute to a developer community that continuously strives for innovation and technological milestones.


Our presence was notably felt with our booth, which served as a hub for playful conversations and the exchange of ideas. We proudly showcased our development methodologies, some projects, endeavors, and technical stack. The booth was attended by our colleagues who were more than willing to share insights and answer queries, offering a glimpse into the Serengeti culture.

Long Live JavaCro

The conference was a melting pot of ideas, from machine learning algorithms to software architecture and beyond. Our director's lecture on RAD was met with interest and sparked small discussions, as well as talks about potential partnerships. Participating in JavaCro was both an honor and a great learning experience for Serengeti employees. We extend our gratitude to the organizers for an easy-going event, once more, and to the attendees for their enthusiasm and meaningful conversations about technology while willfully sharing their experiences.

HROUG Conference

After JavaCro concluded, another sister conference took place at the same location, the HROUG conference, intended for developers and users of Oracle products. Although we didn't stage our presence as sponsors with a booth, as was the case with JavaCro, our presence at HROUG was also deeply felt. The reason for this was the lauded lecture of two of our lead software developers with great expertise and more than a decade of experience in using Oracle, its products, and databases. They are Vedran Turković and Zoran Šljivić, and their lecture was about "Debugging the Backend through Frontend using Oracle PL/SQL."

Hroug conference

This lecture was about the procedure for debugging Oracle PL/SQL packages through a front-end application written in .NET and Python. The visitors could learn what needs to be set up to perform this debugging and what all the benefits of this type of debugging are. The biggest benefits are saving time and reducing the possibility of human error in copying parameters.

Closing Words

We look forward to many more such opportunities to interact, engage, and contribute to the developer communities and the IT community in general. Our presence at this year's HUJAK and HROUG conferences serves as a gentle reminder of Serengeti's commitment to this goal. See you at the JavaCro and HROUG conferences next year!

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