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Takeaways from the third .debug tech conference

Marko Kaselj, Marketing Specialist

Last week, the third .debug conference was held at the Algebra campus in Zagreb. It is one of the biggest tech events of the year in Southeastern Europe.

We are very excited to attend the .debug conference every year as it is a gathering of all the best tech companies in the country. This year we were one of the companies sponsoring the event. Additionally, two of our developers had the chance to present their extensive knowledge to tech enthusiasts from Croatia and the whole region. Some of the lectures that took place were about devs life, tech masterclasses, and panel discussions about pressings topics in the IT industry.

Serengeti set up a booth near the main entrance to the event and it was a hit amongst this year’s attendees. We can proudly say that our booth was one of the most popular. The reason is simple – we gave attendees coffee! In Croatia, coffee is a morning ritual and an essential catalyst of social interaction. 

The purpose of the .debug conference is to create an environment where tech enthusiasts and professionals can network, mingle, and knowledge share about the IT industry. The attendees of this year’s conference attended lectures, presentations, and panels about trends, news, and everything of interest in the IT industry. The conference opened with Dragan Petrić, conference director, and his co-speakers Boris Drilo (CTO @ Hrvatski Telekom), Hrvoje Balen (Director @ Algebra), and Ivan Jelušić (co-founder & COO @ ORQA).

Serengeti was well represented at this year’s conference with our frontend developer Dalibor Pleskalt. He held a presentation about form in front end development. In his presentation, Dalibor discussed the dynamic generation of multilevel forms with custom validators. The goal of the presentation was to showcase how to generate complex forms from a back-end model, as he showed through many of his thorough examples. This topic was particularly interesting to Angular developers.

About an hour later, another Serengeti developer spoke on the panel, “DevSheGoes - Development and motherhood,” which had mothers in software development talking about software development and balancing it with motherhood. Our frontend developer Kristina Dženopoljac discussed with the other mothers in software development, Kristina Tesa Orlović, Hana Limić, Nina Erceg, and Andrea Knez Karačić about balancing between motherhood and being a successful software developer.

Kristina on the second day of the conference held a masterclass discussing Micro frontend in angular applications. Web applications can grow in size and complexity over time, making it difficult to add new functionalities. The Micro Frontend architecture helps scale and resize packages and allows multiple teams to develop and deploy different application parts. Webpack 5 offers a Module federation plugin that allows you to create multiple separate versions without interdependence to develop and implement them individually. The topic was also intended for Angular developers but judging by the crowded hall, there was a wide interest for Kristina’s masterclass.

Debug was personally a great experience for me - after all the online events, it was great to be live and interact with real people. This event was well organized, had interesting lectures, and was a great opportunity to meet new people. Overall, the event cast a bright light on the strength of the IT community. As a lecturer and panelist, I was happy that there was a wide interest in the topics that we covered and I hope there will be more such events in the future”, she said about whole experience.

It was a pleasure to see that Kristina and Dalibor were able to share their industry knowledge to the growing tech industry in South Eastern Europe. Serengeti believes that through channels like the .debug conference, we will grow the tech industry and encourage the next generation to get involved in developing software solutions that have already made our standard of living even greater. We look forward to participating at next year’s conference and to meet our colleagues and friend from around the region to discuss our work in 2023.

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