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Malina Krišto, Digital Marketing and Business Development Specialist

After more than a year of virtual socializing, we finally got together in person at the .debug conference. With more than 900 participants, .debug is the largest developers conference in Croatia.

This year we participated at .debug for the first time, and our impressions are more than positive. This conference, organized by Bug d.o.o., was a great opportunity for the most prominent Croatian technology and software development companies to present themselves through talks and exhibition booths. In the two days of the conference, a total of 52 talks were held. Depending on their topic and focus, the talks were arranged in three tracks – #devslife, #hardcore, and #techtrends. Apart from live, the participants could also watch all talks online.

This year, Serengeti has participated in the .debug conference through two talks. On the first day, Jasmin Kurtanović, our Machine Learning Expert, held a talk in #devslife track. Through his presentation, entitled "How I stopped being a software developer” Jasmin explained why he decided to change his career path and become a machine learning expert. As part of the presentation, he also shared some practical tips for those who might opt for the same career choice.

On the second day of the conference, Zijad Redžić, Serengeti's Chief Development Engineer, held a presentation entitled “New Normal: Multi-Model and Graph Databases.”

While our developers presented their expertise through talks, the rest of the team worked hard on the second part of the conference – .debug in the open. This part of the conference was an excellent opportunity for numerous renowned leaders of the Croatian IT scene to present themselves in a more casual style.

With good music, cold beer, burgers, and Serengeti’s wheel of fortune, there was no lack of laughter and fun. During the two days of the conference, our booth was visited by more than 200 participants. Most of them were software developers who wanted to know more about our work, open positions, and Serengeti in general.

We are happy to have been a part of this incredible conference during which we had the chance to present our expertise, learn from others, and have some live fun. So, we are looking forward to the next year’s gathering.

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