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Micro Frontend Architecture in Angular Applications - Module Federation

One of the definitions of micro frontend that represents an excellent overview of its functionality is given by Luca Mezzalira: "Micro-Frontends are the technical representation of a business subdomain which allows independent implementations with the same or different technology. Their main purpose is to minimize the code shared with other subdomains and they are owned by a single team"
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State Management in Angular Applications – NGXS vs. NGRX

When we start creating a new application, we should adhere to the basic postulates: that the code we write is simple, easy to test, that it can be maintained, and that it is readable and understandable for the colleagues we work with or to those will subsequently take over maintaining our application. Furthermore, at the very beginning, we should think about how complex the structure of our application is and how we will manage the data we have without our application being fast, user friendly, or reliable.
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Configuring Angular, Jenkins, and GitLab for CI/CD

This article assumes that you have a running Jenkins instance on your Linux machine with a valid domain (not localhost), GitLab and that you are familiar with the Angular framework.
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