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Suddenly, overnight we turned around and found ourselves swirling in bugles shaped abyss, shocked and in denial that something like Coronvirus can take priority over the lives we've lived, the technology we have developed, holidays we've planned, salaries we've competed for, the security we thought we had, the ambition we carried, hobbies we enjoyed. All the sudden we became so dependent on the strength of our mind and spirit.
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Three States of Git and Three Sections of a Git Project

These three states make a system based on promotion. Each file can reside in one of these three states and change states depending on what was done to it.
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9 things in common between tennis and business

As a devoted sports enthusiast and a business owner, I am constantly rediscovering parallels between the two things I am very passionate about.
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The power of consultant advice backed by A-Level software development

Software development is the key way to maintain competitive advantage in modern business. Unless you have the most amazing legacy product in the world, it is honestly the only way to maintain a competitive advantage in business right now.
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How Git Works

In order to understand how Git works, we first need to understand how Git saves data about changes made to one or multiple files.
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Conference: “How Transparency Affects Entrepreneurship”

The aim of this conference was to highlight the direct connection between economy and transparency in order to show that it’s an ideal system for entrepreneurship development. The city of Bjelovar, which has a completely transparent public sector, is an excellent example of this connection.
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Introduction to Git and Types of Version Control Systems

Git is a Version Control System or VCS. VCS is basically software designed to record changes within one or more files over time. It allows us to undo or to cancel all made or pending changes within one or more files. If we're working on a project with many files, VCS enables us to control the whole project.
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IoT: It’s not a buzzword. It’s the backbone of Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is and will continue to change how most industries operate. The numbers can vary on how widespread IoT is going to become, but generally it’s believed that there are already 20 billion connected devices in use, and that number will only keep growing.
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Javantura v7 – We Were There!

The 7th International Java Community Conference Javantura v7 was held in Zagreb on February 22nd. Organized by the Croatian Java User Association HUJAK, it has over time become one of the largest Java community conferences in Croatia.
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Breaking down a monolithic application to microservices - you need to publish them somewhere

It’s not a panacea and it’s not a guarantee that it’s the right way of working with microservices but it works for us, maybe it’ll help you in breaking down your monoliths, or at least it’ll break some stuff.
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