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Dijana Perić - From leaving her comfort zone to a managerial position


How dynamic and exciting can the path leading towards new business opportunities in Serengeti be? Our Dijana Perić, who "leveled up" in the first few weeks of her career, is best able to answer this particular question!

Three years, three promotions

When she made a decision to replace a smaller IT company with new challenges, Dijana decided to look for them in Serengeti. It was then also a smaller, but prosperous company. And she says this was not a mistake in the least bit. Today, three years later, she is skillfully using her professional knowledge and experience, successfully balancing both her business and private life, and last but not least - she is one of the most beloved people in the whole, now expanded, Serengeti team.

Big challenges and projects

Dijana gained top-level knowledge and education at the Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. After her dedication to achieving high grades during her studies, which she managed while being a mother, our Dijana also brought along the same enthusiasm to her first position in Serengeti, as a developer. From the very start, along with the knowledge and an abundance of good will, she showed tremendous potential and a desire for progress which was immediately recognized, and Dijana was awarded with her first project management assignment which was a success.

An opportunity which does not come along twice

After a short break, a new challenging offer was made to Dijana. A new, even bigger client - a prominent German car manufacturer - was an opportunity she could not let slip, and also a ticket to a world of new learning opportunities and numerous acquaintances. She points out that, because of her small sons in Zagreb, the kilometers of distances weighed even harder, but two months passed quickly.

Our Dijana, called by her colleagues 'wife, mother, team leader', shortly afterwards continued to work on the project from her office in Zagreb, enriched by a new experience. After proving her professional knowledge and an ease of achieving good relationships with partners and colleagues, Dijana became the Serengeti Ambassador whose key job was to ensure the success of a project. She familiarized herself very well with our partners' processes, their problems and requirements, and successfully transferred all of that knowledge to our team members, making the final service as good as was possible.

Outside of the comfort zone again

Effort and hard work always pay off, and Dijana's have recently paid off again. She welcomed the start of a new year in a new position, that of a Program Manager, where she will apply her valuable experience of organizing and implementing projects to the domain of manufacturing industry - healthcare and energy. Full of desire to work, plans and understanding for her colleagues, Dijana says that she aims to develop good relations and facilitate developers' everyday tasks and challenges they encounter.

What else can we proudly say but: thank you, Dijana, and good luck!

Let's do business

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