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Meet Helena – Globetrotter, Psychology Lover and a Proud Mama of Three Boys!


Where the Story Begins...

Helena was born in Austria, and as a child she moved with her parents to Osijek, where she finished high school. She started her university education at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and while still a student, she discovered her love for traveling and experiencing different cultures, so she got a job at Croatia Airlines where she started working as a flight attendant. Not exciting enough? After she had realized that she has the opportunity to work for a company in the Middle East, she decided to start a new journey – she moved to Dubai and started working for the Emirates!

Welcome Aboard!

Already during the selection process in the Emirates, she increasingly realized that her true love lies in working with people and that she would eventually like to work in the field of human resources, so she decided to improve in that area. It was time to say duBYE.

Right after she obtained her certificate in Human Resources Management from the University of Wales in 2013, she started her HR career as a Training Manager for Starwood Hotels Zagreb. Two years later, Helena became the Learning and Development Manager for the same company, where she managed L&D for five hotels in Zagreb and three in Dubrovnik.

She has always enjoyed working in big tourism corporations since she loved traveling and exploring new cultures. However, Helena had always wanted to try working in the IT industry because of its open-mindedness, relaxed atmosphere, and its great potential – so she came to Serengeti!

Serengeti: Accelerate Your Career Transformation

She had heard about Serengeti a couple of years earlier, but at the end of 2019 everything coincided and after her maternity leave, she decided to join our HR team.

Her favorite part of Serengeti is the amazing colleagues and the teamwork. She claims that working in Serengeti feels like being a part of a big happy family, and she misses coming to the office during the pandemic.

She honestly believes that every change starts within us and sincerely enjoys witnessing people growing. That’s why she decided to get educated in gestalt therapy, which helps people live up to their true potential. Talent Management is her favorite part of HR.

Do Moms Have Free Time?

Well... sometimes. In her free time, Helena likes reading, taking weekend trips with her family, and traveling when circumstances permit. Writing professional articles and receiving additional education and attending seminars, as well as offering individual client counseling is what fulfill her most. She has been writing a blog based on her travel experiences and hopes to launch it again soon.

Although she has seen most of the world, her biggest wish is to visit the south of Spain, South America, and Mexico. She has a special interest in antiquity and ancient history. So, it’s not surprising that her favorite experiences from her trips are getting to know different cultures and histories, experiencing the local gastronomy, seeing wild animals, as well as meeting new people.

An interesting fact is that Helena is the only woman in a family of (soon) five. She is happily married and a proud mother of three sons.

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