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Meet Hrvoje - our versatile finance expert who enjoys sharing his knowledge


Welcome to Bjelovar - the Headquarters of Finance Experts

Meet Hrvoje – our Lead Software Developer from Bjelovar. Hrvoje came to Serengeti in 2018, where he was one of the first employees in our Bjelovar office.

After many years of working in the banking sector, with the arrival of Serengeti in Bjelovar, he decided to give the IT industry a chance and, as he says, he did not regret it. He graduated from the Mathematical Gymnasium in Bjelovar and continued his education in Varaždin at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, finally obtaining a master’s degree. On his current project, he is working in PL/SQL and COBOL, although he also has experience in .NET and C#. In addition, he is currently learning a lot and getting certified in RPA. He loves challenging projects, increasingly enjoys mentoring his younger colleagues and sharing his knowledge.

When not programming, our devoted father of two is taking care of his fish. Yeah, you heard it right. Our PL/SQL and COBOL guru is also quite fervid about freshwater fishkeeping, and with that we are not speaking about seabass or redfish, but specifically fish from Malawi and Tanganyika lakes – which are, ironically, relatively close to the Serengeti National Park. A hobby he does not want to publicly acknowledge is his long love of Football Manager, which he has been playing since 2001.

Sport and E-Sport – Is There a Difference?

As a former athlete, he still actively enjoys sports. He can more often be seen on a bicycle than in a car. After many years of playing water polo and handball, he is currently a member of the Veteran Handball Club Bjelovar.

Except sports, Hrvoje equally enjoys e-sports!

He was the coach of the Serengeti Good Game Global CS tournament, where our team took second place in bracket B. It is interesting to note that the biggest fans of the tournament were exactly three pregnant women from Serengeti. In addition to CS, he likes to play Texas hold ‘em be it with his co-workers or with his friends, but definitely face to face.

He likes to relax with documentaries about animals and nature, and follows almost all types of sports broadcasts, to the great delight of his wife.

He was recently one of the actors in the multi-award-winning documentary "One of Us" by his school friend, which talks about the difficult and painful topic of child abuse.

“The Mentor”

Hrvoje likes to transfer knowledge, so in addition to mentoring colleagues, he wrote a series of articles on ITIL for our internal newsletter and he’s currently preparing another internal lecture on RPA for Geti colleagues.

We are proud to have such an expert in our team who also enjoys sharing their knowledge!

If you also like to learn and share your knowledge - you are lucky! We just have some open positions, so check them.

Let's do business

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