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Dijana Perić graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. She began her professional career as a Software Developer in several companies where she gained knowledge and expertise in the Java programming language and enterprise software development.

She moved on to the Team Lead position at Serengeti in 2016, where she spent most of her time working on large international project for one of the largest German automotive companies. She became Team Lead both for Serengeti team and the German team.

She successfully led the distributed teams that worked using Scrum, and she further transfers that knowledge to others. Due to her proven expertise and social skills, Dijana is promoted to Program Manager after three years.

Dijana has experience as Serengeti ambassador on multiple projects, and she also supported many of Serengeti's teams in different phases of cooperation with clients. With vast experience and knowledge, she can support you in your journey to distributed development and improve your internal software development processes.