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What it Means to Trust Your Product: The Practice and Philosophy of Dogfooding

The term "dogfooding" is a colloquial expression that traces its roots to the phrase "eating your own dog food." This expression has gained popularity in the tech industry, although its exact origin is disputed. One narrative suggests that this colloquialism was popularized by Microsoft in the 1980s, when Paul Maritz, a Microsoft executive, sent an […]
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The Importance of Application Modernization - Key Considerations and Solutions

Companies that have been heavily dependent on mature applications in production for years are currently focusing on application modernization. This blog will explore the ideal timing for modernization, the key challenges involved and the significant advantages of partnering with a software development partner for application modernization.
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A unique opportunity to try to work with FIYU - Serengeti’s FIYU Roadshow

FIYU Workshop is intended for Senior Frontend Developers familiar with Angular Framework and have at least 3 years of experience working with it. Also, attendees must be familiar with Java Backend and reactive programming. The manager for FIYU development and his core team will lead attendees through this rapid development. Saša Ivičević, Director of Software Engineering – Internal development and FIYU Platform Development Manager, and Luka Jerković, Senior Frontend Developer, are the workshop facilitators.
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Catch us if you can: DevzMeetup Varaždin (27.04.2022.)

ark's Multimedia Hall with the program starting at 5:30 PM. Serengeti's Product Manager, Zijad Redžić, will be holding a lecture about the application of Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms in developing complex software solutions.
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Becoming a Frontend developer with FIYU

When I joined the FIYU development team I already had 5 years of experience working as a .NET developer, mainly backend, but this time I was joining the project as a front-end developer with almost no front-end experience. It was time to learn. Since FIYU is a platform for rapid development I guess it was no surprise that the academy was an efficient and rapid introduction.
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The Importance of Documentation in Software Development

What is the importance of documentation in software development and how it can help make the Agile methodology become more efficient at realizing projects?
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FIYU – For Whom It Is and When To Use It

Now is the time for a detailed explanation of the basic aspects of FIYU. In this blog post we will try to answer the most basic questions – who should use FIYU and when.
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GetiTalks - FIYU launch

Here is a transcript of our GetiTalks episode in which our host Lucija Babić talked with Zijad Redžić about our rapid application development platform - FIYU. What are the main benefits of the platform? Who is it for, and who do we not recommend it to? Find out in this short video or reading transcript. […]
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We launched a unique Rapid Application Development platform - FIYU

In today's development world, a combination of quality and speed wins in the IT and digital industry. Globally, revenues from the digital world are constantly growing, as many want to compete in the market and the competition is both big and global – so the speed of time-to-market is one of the key parameters for success. Our solution will accelerate this path of product development for many.
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