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Git Merge vs. Git Rebase

Git is a version control system and we use it to store and save changes within one or more files over time. It is a great tool because it shows us the status of a file at any specific time in history and shows precise information on who changed what at what time. But it is not so simple to work with that information if we have a lot of data and a lot of creators.
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Three States of Git and Three Sections of a Git Project

These three states make a system based on promotion. Each file can reside in one of these three states and change states depending on what was done to it.
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How Git Works

In order to understand how Git works, we first need to understand how Git saves data about changes made to one or multiple files.
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Introduction to Git and Types of Version Control Systems

Git is a Version Control System or VCS. VCS is basically software designed to record changes within one or more files over time. It allows us to undo or to cancel all made or pending changes within one or more files. If we're working on a project with many files, VCS enables us to control the whole project.
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