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Every day there is new proof that the world is running faster than ever, with people’s expectations exceeding the bar, asking for more of everything in everything. In business, that means that you are either out or in. Raise your hand if you want to be out!
Here Is a Tip To Stay In
One needs to fish or cut bait, and this can surely be done through the application of new technologies, be it turning monoliths to microservices, or switching from mainframe to cloud. Technology has spoiled us all, but hey – indulging in it is not such a sin after all.

What's in It for You?

Team Extension Model

Seamless integration in your team

With flexibility in mind, there are no boundaries between your and our team. Experts are adapting to your culture, methodologies, and tools to quickly provide you with the set of skills and roles that you are looking for.


Agile is not for everyone.
Neither is the waterfall.

Our consultant approach is understanding how to add value to our clients. The entire agile mindset is just a cog in the wheel of the larger idea of creating a more dynamic and efficient organization.


What Would the World Be Like Without DevOps?

With principles of continuous development, testing, integration, implementation, and continuous tracking during the lifecycle, the lines between development and operations are blurred.

First Local
Appian Partner

First local Appian Partner

Certified developers who use powerful platforms to combine the power of BPM, the speed of development, and industry knowledge to achieve operational excellence.

Technology Trends

Up-To-Date Technology Trends

Almost every company of today is a software company, making digital transformation an inevitable part of business success. To keep your head above the water, one needs to stand at the forefront of technologies, be it Artificial Intelligence, IoT, or automated testing.

FIYU – A RAD Platform
That Suits Your Needs


Meet THE platform that cares about your business more than anything. The turn-key tool for Rapid Application Development that covers it all – backend and frontend.

Let's do business

Do you care about results?
If yes, then read on

Tire recognition meets Machine Learning

How we saved 2 years in development

AI development for Retail Industry

Mission (Im)Possible: Core Banking System Outsourced

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