We provide technology consulting and software development services to clients all over the world, with the focus on the Western European market.

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Our core business is development and maintenance of complex enterprise business applications. We build engineering teams with strong focus on domain knowledge and technical expertise.

Serengeti is a software development consulting company focused on core products development. We provide self-managed engineering teams to rapidly scale product development capacity and accelerate the release of products. But that is just first step. After we help customers to meet their project deadlines true power of working with top service provider comes to light as our teams become proactive consultants. They focus constantly on how to use all knowledge accumulated in Serengeti to provide more value to the client. We help client improve their internal software engineering practices, find business case and implement new and disrupting tech trends.


We provide teams with deep domain knowledge, so they could understand specific industry requirements and have a broad business picture. 

Industrial manufacturing

Our broad technical competences with focus on interconnectivity, automation and machine learning enable digital transformation of manufacturing industry called Industry 4.0.

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Serengeti provides software development services to medical devices manufacturers with focus on medical certification, highest quality, rigorous testing and documentation.

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Serengeti develops innovative turn-key solutions to energy players for gathering, visualisation, aggregation, data analysis and optimization of power plant operations.

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We help finance institutions to find balanced focus between constant increasing regulations requirements and need to innovate and implement new digital services.

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We design and develop business applications for logistics companies to reduce costs, increase flexibility, optimize operations and streamline workflows.

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Technology trends

With our broad technical expertise, we consult our clients and implement innovations based on advanced trends.

Automated Testing

With increased software complexity and interdependence, Agile and DevOps agility, automated testing expertise becomes crucial for frequent deploy of new software releases.

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Cloud is profoundly changing IT landscape. With our extensive experience in this area even the most conservative companies successfully finish migration from monolith to micro services.

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Our experience in implementation of enterprise grade Linux and Windows based end to end DevOps solutions makes us valuable consulting and implementation partner.

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Augmented Reality

Serengeti develops Augmented Reality solutions that are transforming, immersive, captivating and value adding for different real life manufacturing environments.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is hot topic today and our constant research and innovation in this area enable us to tackle demanding challenges in development of self learning systems.

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We have extensive experience in different areas of end–to–end IoT system development like: Embedded Software, Firmware, Mobile apps, Big Data, Cloud migration.

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Top 5 reasons why Serengeti engineers are a perfect fit for your company!

Is your in-house software development team facing a problem it cannot solve? Are you in need of additional software development personnel, but are you struggling to find suitable candidates? Wouldn't it be great to have instant access to a pool of dedicated, trained and experienced software engineers?


In 2016 we were looking to employ several software engineers but without a lot of success. At that time, we met Serengeti but I was skeptical if nearshoring can be a valid option for us (remote team, communication in English). Today, I know it was the right decision! Meanwhile, our Serengeti team grew and became a valuable extension to our own teams.

Hartmut Richter


Each year we have to deliver between 4 and 8 large software projects to our customers. Therefore, scalability and flexibility in R&D is one of our biggest challenges. High performing teams and mature Team Extension engagement model from Serengeti helps us for many years to master this challenge.

Manfred Weiß

Head of Project Development at KNAPP System integration GmbH

Serengeti has proved to be reliable partner with deep expertise in DevOps area. They helped us to modernise our development process and speed up testing and delivery of new releases.

Christoph Balzer

Head of Software Engineering at Swissphone

Serengeti Engineers have a high level of expertise, which can be seen through their broad technical knowledge and domain knowhow, resulting in a highly efficient performance.

KNAPP AG, Manfred Weiß

Head of Project Development at KNAPP System integration GmbH

In 2016 we were looking to employ several software engineers but without a lot of success. At that time, we met Serengeti but I was sceptical if nearshoring can be a valid option for us (remote team, communication in English). Today, I know it was the right decision! Meanwhile, our Serengeti team grew and became a valuable extension to our own teams.

Hartmut Richter


Serengeti has proven to be a stable, reliable and scalable partner from the beginning. In a short time of collaboration, they have established themselves as one of our key software development partners.

Branimir Liker

Mercury Processing Services International, Head of Application Architecture


Innovation and delivery in energy industry

Continuous innovation to push the boundaries of what is possible. Welding technology, photovoltaics, and battery charging technology that attracts clients. To maintain competitive advantage, the focus of investments in R&D is increasingly shifting to advanced software functionalities. Serengeti and client achieved longterm cooperation, supporting client to achieve ambitious growth plans.

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audifon | On time delivery and compliance in health industry

Next-generation hearing devices that communicate via Bluetooth developed with the latest technology. New functionalities of sophisticated, modern, and powerful hearing systems that meet high-quality regulations and standards are developed before the deadline.

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KNAPP | Flexibility and stability in logistics industry

The world of logistics is becoming more and more demanding. Through an optimal mix of technologies, as well as through their further ongoing development, KNAPP designs all processes and systems with efficiency and simplicity in mind. Reducing transport times and ensuring fast delivery times is essential.

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Delivery of advanced Internet banking solution

To keep the leading market position, ambitious projects and advanced services are crucial. Development of enhanced digital and mobile banking services are technically challenging and includes advanced technologies that are requiring engagement of many experienced software engineers. 

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Swissphone | DevOps implementation for improved business agility

Innovative software solutions for the products that support every step of the alarm chain is based on modern technologies. Automation, cloud solutions, and new virtualization technologies are used to modernize the entire development process, speed up testing and delivery of new releases too.

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KNAPP | Augmented Reality drives efficiency in logistics

KNAPP is growing business rapidly by providing complete warehouse management solutions to its customers. Part of their product portfolio is also augmented reality enabled Visual Manual Picking system.

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Cloud empowers green energy production

Given that our client is not the only rival in the market and that competitors are also making great efforts, it must follow the trends and increasing expectations of end users. Part of this direction is embracing modern Cloud technologies for implementation of PV monitoring application.

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Designing microservice architecture for leading German automotive company

Our customer provides best products in his business area (automotive industry) and with that also best software is needed to be ahead of competition and define new trends. 

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audifon | Quality assurance for rigid health industry

Since it is a healthcare device, it is extremely important that all functionalities are thoroughly tested to minimize the risk to the end user of the device.

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IoT drives efficiency and new revenue streams

From smart home to industry, from automated vehicles to telemedicine, Internet of things (IoT) will revolutionize the way in which we live our lives. 

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M2M platform helps doctors save lives

Since dynamic requirements on other projects changed availability of internal resources and to avoid missed project deadlines client decided to engage Serengeti development team.

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MPSI | DevOps principles for accelerated business growth

To reach new demanding markets Mercury Processing Services International  (MPSI) must, not only deliver additional functionalities in the planned timeframe but also significantly increase the throughput, security, and reliability of each internal process.

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Migration to Microservices Helps Digital Enterprise Transformation

The client had a vision of transforming the bank into a digital enterprise by improving the effectiveness and performance of products, services, and processes. The goal was to customize the bank according to the needs of new generations of users and new business ecosystems.

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MPSI | eXact in microservices

With a growing business, the architectural design of an application is one of the most important things. Applications designed as monoliths are usually very hard to scale and maintain. Enter microservices.

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Top Scalability and Quality

We are fortunate and exciting to work with most successful companies in the world. Our customers are market leaders with ambitious growth plans and targets.

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Data Protection Rights

Serengeti is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified. Our focus on core products development means that maximum security and confidentiality are a top priority

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