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Introduction to Apache Kafka

So, the idea of this short article is to give you a short overview of Apache Kafka. After reading this, you’ll have a notion of what Kafka is, why it was created and how you can integrate it in the microservice architecture.
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Evolution Towards Microservices and Cloud-Native Applications

Over the last decade, the Spring Framework has evolved into the most popular framework for developing Java business applications. The Spring Framework has facilitated the development of loosely coupled applications that can be tested. However, the world has significantly changed in comparison to a decade ago. In the meantime, applications have grown into monolithic ones, making them difficult to maintain. Because of this, new architectures began to develop.
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Without a DevOps and Machine Learning, you will fall behind in Industry 4.0

It’s very important for revenue growth to use these technologies, especially because the global business environment is going to be uncertain for a while because of COVID-19. We do not know what consumer spending will look like or how it will bounce back in every industry. You need to maximize the advantages that you have.
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