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Flutter is Google’s UI Software Development Kit (SDK) and a great option if you looking to develop a mobile app in a fast and easy way, with minimal code writing.
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Practical elements you need in outsourced software developers

When you are looking to outsource some of your software development, you want to make sure the outsourced partner is skilled in various programming languages and can adjust with your business model. Maybe you will need to do more with Internet of Things for the next six months, but then after that, you might have road map needs about augmented reality.
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Why should you consider having a software development partner in Croatia

When most people think of offshoring, outsourcing, or nearshoring their software development, the countries that come to mind first include India, Russia, China, Ukraine, and Poland. You don’t hear as much about Croatia, where we are based. Most American companies tend to know Croatia mostly for Game of Thrones sets, and not as much for software development. But … it makes a lot of sense as a place to find top-quality software developers.
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You should worry about your products. Let someone else worry about development.

A product company should be focused ultimately on two things: Best-in-class product, support, rollouts, and everything “product.” World-class relationships with customers
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JPA Entity Inheritance

Recently I participated in a discussion with some quite experienced people in IT about ORM and how useful it is. Since I have had both good and bad experiences with ORM in the past, I decided to conduct some research on some good and bad ORM practices.
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Top 7 Common myths and misperceptions about Nearshoring in Western Europe

When organizations first learn about nearshoring -- the concept of getting development work done in a neighboring country instead of your own country, or within your own team -- there are traditionally a number of myths and concerns that come up first. To see the value in outsourcing development work, you need to understand the misperceptions and then be able to counter them. This is a guide to doing just that.
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The power of outsourcing

Obviously we’re big fans of business outsourcing for everyone -- it’s a service we provide to companies looking to scale their software development function-- but sometimes people (prospective clients) are confused by the sheer need for outsourcing.
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How to build a trust with a remote team you don’t see every day?

Trust is the underpinning of almost any human relationship, personal or professional. It’s hard to run deep with someone -- develop their career, marry them, etc. -- if trust is lacking. One of the biggest concerns people tend to have with outsourcing a function, especially a function as crucial as software development, is “How do I know I can trust the team I’m giving this work to? How can I trust them if I don’t see them every day in my HQ offices?”
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How to solve document generation problem

Word and similar tools become less useful when trying to fill in one template file with multiple different data sets. For example, many different documents where the only difference is the forename and surname. Doing this by hand becomes tedious and time consuming.
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[VIDEO] Team Extension Model - how it works

Through Team Extension Model, you benefit not only from instant capacity but also from the flexibility to expand or shrink your team size and the option to add missing skills to accommodate your company’s ever-changing needs. Check how it works!
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