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A Trilogy on Breaking Free from Hardcoded Conventions

The last part of the trilogy on breaking free from hardcoded conventions in software development, with the first two blogs discussing Euro conversion and Oracle database upgrades. The emphasis is on transforming hardcoded paths into parameterized values for efficiency. A specific example involves creating a directory, parameterizing values, and integrating it into a package. The conclusion stresses the importance of learning from past experiences, advocating for increased parameterization in software development to avoid challenges.
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Working with Single-SPA Micro Frontend Framework

I am quite sure that anyone who has been working with backend/frontend technologies knows what microservices on the backend side are. Well, Micro Frontend is that, but on the frontend side. Simply put, Micro Frontend allows us to split one giant whole into smaller pieces. It allows us to split one giant monolith application into smaller “user-friendly” parts. Micro Frontend was presented 2016. and it was inspired by microservice architecture.
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Python Web Scraping: A Beginner's Guide

Web scraping is a powerful tool for extracting information from websites. It's used in a variety of fields, from data science to digital marketing. Python, with its rich ecosystem of libraries, is one of the most popular languages for web scraping. In this article, we’ll guide you through the basics of web scraping using Python with a practical example.
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Serengeti @ FOI Career Week: Nurturing the Next Generation of Tech Talents

Last week, we had the privilege of participating in the Career Week hosted by the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) in Varaždin. As one of Croatia's leading technical institutions, FOI boasts a distinguished alumni network that includes our very own director of software development for internal engagements Saša Ivičević, a few lead software engineers, and many other engineers and developers.
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Serengeti at JavaCro and HROUG: Where technology and knowledge sharing go hand in hand

At Serengeti, we are thrilled to say that we were sponsors for yet another edition of the JavaCro conference. This was more than an opportunity to showcase our technological expertise; it was a platform for us to contribute to a developer community that continuously strives for innovation and technological milestones. Our presence was notably felt with our booth, which served as a hub for playful conversations and the exchange of ideas. We proudly showcased our development methodologies, some projects, endeavors, and technical stack. The booth was attended by our colleagues who were more than willing to share insights and answer queries, offering a glimpse into the Serengeti culture.
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In-house Software Solutions as a Competitive Advantage for Smart Industry

The integration of industrial manufacturing and IT development has never been stronger: information technology and operational technology are merging, with software becoming an indispensable factor for success. While machines and hardware remain essential, there is a growing demand for solutions based on advanced software technologies. The first rule with technologies is to understand them, and the second rule is knowing when and how to apply them. This is where software development consulting companies come into play.
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Serengeti's Insights at the 2023 Smart Industry Conference

The Smart Industry Conference, organized by the Poslovni dnevnik, took place in Šibenik, Croatia on October 12 and 13, with prominent participants. One of the panel discussions dealt with the topic "The New Generation of Factories - Creating Competitive Advantages with Smart Factory Solutions." The discussion revolved around applying advanced technologies and automation in industrial manufacturing to enhance productivity, efficiency and safety.
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Creating of an efficient Test Case repository – Part 1

Welcome to our proposed two-part blog post series on creating an efficient Test Case repository. We initiated this series to address issues in our current repository setup, specifically regarding Test Case creation and execution. Our aim was to optimize QA processes by reorganizing the repository and implementing BDD principles via Gherkin scenarios.
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Getting started with MongoDB

MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database that offers flexibility, scalability and powerful data manipulation capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore the fundamental concepts of MongoDB, including creating database, collections, establishing relationships and performing various types of aggregations.
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Can Artificial Intelligence Boost Hospitality Business

Can artificial intelligence offer something better than a person who personally presents a specific service to a guest and checks their satisfaction? How will we address data security and privacy issues for guests and service providers? Are open-source AI tools good and safe enough for implementation in the hospitality industry? These are the questions and situations that arise with the use of artificial intelligence.
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