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Python Book of Recipes #7 – Sharp your Python Developers skill

Welcome to the Python Kitchen, where we explore the art of coding with a dash of culinary creativity! In this culinary adventure, we will be showcasing a delightful menu of Python techniques that will enhance your development skills and make your code taste even better.
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The Importance of Application Modernization - Key Considerations and Solutions

Companies that have been heavily dependent on mature applications in production for years are currently focusing on application modernization. This blog will explore the ideal timing for modernization, the key challenges involved and the significant advantages of partnering with a software development partner for application modernization.
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Investing in Infrastructure is Crucial to Unlocking Progress in Hospitality Industry

Technology has revolutionized the way hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses operate. From online booking platforms to personalized guest experiences, these are just some of the impacts of the rapidly evolving digital landscape on the hospitality industry. Driven by technology's remarkable transformation, many improvements have already been achieved. Still, investing in a strong, powerful robust infrastructure is a must for those who want to optimize operational efficiency, have maximum occupancy, achieve sustainable growth, and therefore better earnings
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Python Book of Recipes #6 – Cooking up Color-Based Object Tracking: A Fun Computer Vision Recipe

In our previous recipe, we showed the importance of color spaces in computer vision tasks such as image processing, object detection, segmentation, and tracking. By harnessing the power of color, we'll unlock a fascinating way to track objects in video streams with remarkable accuracy.
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Unveiling The Secrets Of Professional Software Developers

According to the statistics, in 2023, there are more than 27.7 million developers worldwide. What makes you different from others? How do you compete in the labor market? How do you stand out from the crowd? Now, in the following sections, we will address a few characteristics every professional should have.
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How to Build a Reliable Software System in an Unpredictable Environment?

Today, there is almost no business that does not rely on technology and software solutions. It’s not only about products and services, but rather about the fact that software, various applications, and solutions are the foundation of the entire business, serving as tools for everyday operations. A basic example is email. Nowadays, almost every aspect of business is digitized and connected to some software and/or analytics. To better illustrate the issue addressed in this text, we will discuss it on the basis of the banking sector and our own experience.
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How To Achieve Digital Competitiveness In Hospitality?

The digital competitiveness of hospitality providers is essential for success in a highly competitive industry landscape. The key to success lies in delivering a unique and satisfying guest experience at every touch point, all while relying on digital technologies and modern platforms. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, providers must constantly improve their offerings by leveraging technology to enhance guest experiences and streamline day-to-day operations.
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Working in Serengeti for 5 Years – A Story from Lead Developer

In times when developers are most in demand and employee turnover is generally high, many of our employees have been with us for 5 or even 10 years. In addition to domain knowledge, we are recognizable by our unique culture that we have nurtured since our foundation in 2007, and which we have successfully transferred to all development centers. For all those curious about why developers stay in Serengeti, we spoke with Lead developer, Boris Pavlović, who this year celebrates a 5-year work anniversary.
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Maximizing Software Development ROI without Compromising Quality

Online solutions, applications and software have become a must-have business accessory due to the increasing demand for personalized products among users and the competition among companies. Consequently, companies are investing heavily in developing and maintaining software to stay competitive, but also to set new standards. This trend has led to almost every company having some form of software development, whether in-house or outsourced, ranging from simple applications to complex enterprise solutions.
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Are Software Developers Introverted?

While the commonly expected answer to the title question would be “Yes“, the reality is far more complex. To begin with, let us define what it means to be an introvert. Carl Jung defined the terms introvert and extrovert in the early 20th century, and according to him, an introvert is a person primarily focused on their own inner experiences, thoughts, and feelings. An introvert tends to be more reflective and introspective and may feel more comfortable in quieter, more solitary environments. On the other side, extroverts tend to be outgoing, talkative, and energetic, and they often thrive in group environments.
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