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Micro Technologies for the Development of Macro Applications

We've probably all heard of microservices, but to reiterate, microservices are division of the backend part of the application into several smaller, standalone services. Each of these services has a specific purpose or satisfies a specific business need (payment, sending e-mails, etc.). How many services we will have depends on the application itself and the topic of the application, as well as bottlenecks, which we recognize at the very beginning. Each service is developed, implemented and maintained independently of the other service. Of course, there is a very high probability that these services must communicate with each other, but that is another story. It was first mentioned in 2011.
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Breaking down a monolithic application to microservices - real world examples and tips we use in our .net world

For our next steps, I wanted to give you a few real-world examples of designing and developing microservices that we use in our .NET world.
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Breaking down a monolithic application to microservices – where to start?

This approach might not be possible for every part of your system but you’d be surprised in how many cases you can implement it.
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The importance of engineering team stability

The global economy is growing right now, and that’s good for businesses on most levels. The challenge is this: When the economy is robust, people have more options. That means employees can leave for better opportunities at other companies that are growing. Turnover can be especially bad for engineering / development teams, because losing crucial knowledge from […]
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