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Simplifying OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Implementation with Spring Authorization Server

In the world of modern web development, security is paramount. With the rise of distributed systems and microservices architecture, securing applications and APIs has become increasingly complex. OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC) have emerged as industry standards for authorization and authentication, respectively. Implementing these protocols has traditionally required considerable effort and expertise. However, with the advent of frameworks like Spring Authorization Server, the process has been streamlined, making building secure, identity-aware applications easier than ever. In this post, we will focus on the minimum required configuration for the application, and rely on the Spring Boot auto-configuration for defaults.
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Integration Testing in Spring Boot Application

Most modern applications use databases or some kind of third-party services and we, as developers, are often in situations where we need to integrate with them. Tests that evaluate interactions between different parts of the system are called Integration tests. The idea behind integration tests is to verify that different components of our system are working properly together. In the Spring environment, we have various tools that can help us write integration tests. In this article, we will see code examples that use JUnit, Mockito and MockWebServer.
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Harnessing APS Technology for Smooth Application Processing

In simple terms, APS is an abbreviation for Application Processing System. It refers to a sophisticated software solution designed to automate and manage the entire lifecycle of various applications. In other words, it is a software solution that helps organizations automate and guide or manage the application process for various types of applications, and those application requests may be for recruitment, student admissions, insurance, and many others.
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Appian Records – a solution for unified data, streamlined design and Robust Security

Organizations today face the challenge of developing applications that address specific business needs and user experiences, leveraging data that is distributed across the enterprise. Due to siloed systems and data architectures, organizations often struggle to integrate disparate data sources while ensuring data security. Despite established connections between data sources, queries can be slow and therefore retard performance and cause high maintenance costs. This can mean that even seemingly small changes to the application can take more time to implement, as the impact on performance needs to be considered alongside the logistical restructuring of the application.
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Developer vs. AI

The journey from early attempts to simulate human intelligence to the current era of artificial intelligence (AI) represents a fascinating exploration through the history of computing. Key moments in the development of AI date back to the mid-20th century, when pioneers such as Alan Turing laid the foundations for contemplating how computers could replicate human intelligence. Turing's test, introduced in 1950, marked the first step in posing the question: Can a machine think?
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Guide to Successful Software Development Outsourcing: Navigating Models, Processes and Partner Selection

In today's business world, outsourcing has become the go-to move for companies looking to lighten their workload by tapping into external talent. But navigating the world of software development outsourcing can be tricky, like finding your way through a maze. In this blog post, we'll explore different outsourcing models, lay out the processes involved, and share some tips on how to choose the right partners.
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Onshore, Nearshore, or Offshore – Which to Choose to Help You Achieve Business Goals

According to the report IT Outsourcing in Europe Market Overview 2023-2027, the outsourcing market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5% meaning that a substantial increase in market growth is expected. If we look at the global market, it is noticeable that growth is driven by different factors in different areas. The European market is growing due to the readiness to amplify advanced technologies and the presence of numerous global IT companies. On the other side, there are government policies in countries, like in the case of Vietnam.
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Techreviewer's List of Top Software Development Companies in 2024 Includes Serengeti

Top Software Development Companies List is compiled based on evaluation process that considers factors such as company reputation, client satisfaction, project success rate, and technical expertise by Techreviewer, an independent platform that provides expert reviews, ratings and rankings of technology companies and products. We were selected for inclusion in the list by Techreviewer through an independent evaluation process, where they recognized our strong track record of delivering high-quality software solutions, our commitment to client success, and our deep pool of experienced software development professionals.
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Navigating the App Development Landscape - No-Code, Low-Code, and Full-Code

Application development has surged in the previous 10 years, and businesses have realised that it cannot take forever to bring a unique app into the market. Market dynamics and competitive advantage vary on a daily basis, and here is where a quicker, leaner, and more time-efficient development cycle may make a huge impact. If typical full-code practices do not yield ideal results, brands want to use more feasible methods such as low-code and no-code to launch the app. But how can you determine which strategy is right for you? That is exactly what we will investigate in this blog post.
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Creating an efficient Test Case Repository – part 2

Welcome back to the two-part blog series on building simple and efficient test repository. In the first part, we compared our initial and target Test Case Repository structure, offering insights into the repository hierarchical reorganization and Test Case design/creation changes, and explained how Sprint Test Cases are executed and reported on. The second part will bring into focus organizational procedures needed for maintaining a Test Case Repository by explaining the process of incorporation of Sprint Test Case changes into the Regression Test Suite – in other words, we will talk about Regression Test Suite maintenance.
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