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4 Hospitality Industry Trends In 2022

As the hospitality industry in general has faced major drawbacks since the pandemic, many of its traditional establishments are being revised and restructured. Even before the pandemic, the hospitality industry was experiencing a decentralization of accommodations - there are popular apps and websites like Airbnb, various multiple service providers like Booking and Hostelworld and since cheap travel is becoming more and more popular, Couchsurfing is still a popular practice for some. Many of today's tourists and travelers are Millenials or Generations X and Z, and they are a force that cannot be ignored.
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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Use Cases

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a type of AI that focuses on recognizing, comprehending, and using human languages. It is one of the most intriguing disciplines in AI, having already led to the emergence of technology such as chatbots, voice assistants, translators, and a plethora of other tools we use daily. Every second, channels such as social media, in-app communications, and forums generate a tremendous volume of text data. And, due to the massive amounts of text data and the extremely unstructured source of data, we can no longer utilize the traditional technique to understanding the text, which is where NLP comes in.
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5 Signs You Need a New Hotel Management System

Hotel management systems (HMS) or Property management systems (PMS) are software meant to unify many crucial tasks and features previously done manually, on outdated software and/or robust hardware. It includes various types of procedures like property and housekeeping management, reservations, payments, online booking processing, channel management, automated guest communication, advanced reporting and workforce management. In this blog, we will talk about how proper hotel management systems can be your biggest allies, but also your biggest adversaries. We will explain the most obvious signs that you probably need to refresh your software.
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Ivan Jakab - Developer's Cookbook With a Tasty Vegan Recipe

In this blog post, our guest is one of our experienced developers, Ivan Jakab. He was one of the faces of our employer branding campaign this summer, and what is so special about him is the fact that he is our vegan developer! As November, a vegan month passed, we asked Ivan to write us a recipe for one of his favorite dishes! And not only that – see what’s going on in the life of one senior developer in Serengeti.
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Ivan Milas – New Board Member and Co-owner of Serengeti

After the recent changes in the ownership structure of Serengeti, we invited the relatively new co-owner of Serengeti and sales director Ivan Milas for an interview. In addition to his previous responsible position, it's been almost two months since Ivan became a member of the Management Board. There was little time to celebrate (although there was some) as the scope of his duties, activities, and responsibilities increased.
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Digital Transformation – More About People Than Technology

Digital transformation might appear different for each company, so it can be difficult to find a universal concept or a definition that applies to all. We can describe digital transformation as integrating digital technologies into all business sectors, resulting in profound changes in how businesses function and give value to consumers. Digital transformation of a company cannot be done overnight, nor does it represent another new technology addition to the business. It represents a change in the way the company works, a shift in the culture and mindset of both employees and leadership.
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7 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become very popular. This technology provides companies with insight into trends in customer behavior and company business patterns, as well as assistance in developing new products. Some of the largest companies, such as Google and Facebook, use machine learning in the basics of their operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted new applications and technological improvements in the industry. It has accelerated AI adoption in fields such as healthcare, where AI-based technology and applications are widely used.
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Euro Introduction From the Perspective of a Developer

As we all already know, or we have heard something about it, from January 1, 2023 Croatia is joining euro area, the Croatian kuna goes into oblivion and the famous euro comes to us as a 'new' means of payment. And now it may not sound like something big since, frankly, a lot of us have been using the euro for a long time in various conversions, payments and other financial combinations, so the introduction of the euro was probably only a matter of time.
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What is Selenium and what are its tools

Selenium is an open-source (free) automated testing framework used to validate web applications through different browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) and platforms. To create Selenium Test Scripts, you can use different programming languages like Java, C#, Python. Simon Stewart, who designed Selenium, introduced to the market the latest version of Selenium test tool which is not used only to test web applications but also for Grid and IDE. It is also important to note that Selenium test tool has fully accepted W3C standard.
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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile - The Future of Cross-Platform

With the emergence of mobile phone users, mobile application developers have constantly been struck by the choice of whether they should duplicate the effort for Android & iOS and go native with maximized performance and control or should they compromise on these and go cross-platform with a single effort for both applications. KMM allows you to share a common business logic (e.g., fetching data from the backend, or local DB) between iOS & Android and write the presentation logic separately for both. It reduces the amount of code duplication by more than 70% as compared to going completely native, while keeping both the performance and control over native components, since UI is still being developed natively, for Android being in Jetpack Compose and for iOS in SwiftUI.
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